Monday, September 5, 2011

A taste of Barcelona

So Aysha and I were lucky enough to go on a university trip to Barcelona, Spain earlier this March! It was a trip I wriggled myself into since it was mainly for the Interior Design students as they had planned to visit all kinds of museums and architectural offices and things (but I still tagged along haha). However, we managed to squeeze in a little bit of much needed shopping <3 <3

We convinced the professors that were with us to finish off the activities early one day and headed back to La Rambla (the place we were staying at) and wandered the streets on our own and it was the most fun you could ever have.

It would probably too much to write about everything we bought in one sitting so this will probably be a series of entries over a period of time.

One of the things that I was most excited about buying is a beautiful pair of suede booties <3 We found a little shop among dozens of other shops that had all kinds of boots and it was heavenly! I think we stayed there for quite some time trying on boots and looking around. They also had bags and suitcases among other stuff that I don’t really remember (maybe Aysha has a better memory of the shop hehe sorry!). I think the employees were either very bothered by us or very amused because we left the shop then came back again with two other girls! Aysha actually left the store in the boots she bought, poor little thing, her feet were killing her that day especially in those darn flats! (much love)

Anyways back to the gorgeous booties!

I love heels and boots and having them combined in a grey suede pair of booties with open toes was beyond perfection! It’s also the perfect length for comfort. Not too big, not too small. The heels are about 3.5 inches long and the booties have got side zippers on the inner parts. I’ve been wearing them on and off for a while as I’m more of a flats on the go person and prefer being able to walk fast when I’m out and about. We sadly don’t have elevators in University so I have to walk up and down three flights of stairs and it annoys me so much when I’m in heels!

(Photo and model: Yazzi)

Another thing I bought at the same store is a Chanel Inspired red bag in the exact size and style that Aysha has except she has it in grey!

(Sorry about the quick shot for this one, didn't have much time to take a proper photo)

Hope you enjoyed this first and short taste of Barcelona goodies! More to come soon! xx

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own, all photos were taken by me and no copy right violation was made. Also all items were bought by me with my own money.

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