Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pros & Cons of Hair Dye

[[Before i delve deep into the realms of hair dye and bleaching and all that I'd like to start by saying that this isn't an experts advise. I am not a hair dresser or stylist and I'm no position to answer all sorts of questions about anything that goes on with any kind hair damage and all that but what i can offer you is my own honest opinion and my own experience with hair dye :) thank you for taking the time to read this xx]]

I first dyed my hair a few years ago when i was still a teenager. I have dark brown hair (almost black but in the sun its more brown than black) and i wanted to go a few shades lighter and become a proper brunette but since i had virgin hair i was very worried about using bleach to lighten it. I didn't want to damage my hair and the more i asked girls about bleach the more i dreaded it. So i ended up dying my hair brown without bleach. It didn't really make much of a difference because my hair was so dark and you could barely tell that i had spent all those hours in the salon with hair dye over my head. I was disappointed but let it go after a while.

A year or two later i bit the bullet and got a hair appointment to actually dye my hair WITH bleach! I went to the salon, sat down on the chair and waited for that distinctive smell of ammonia.

They kept the bleach on for quite a while and i could see my hair losing color slowly. It turned from dark dark brown to BLOND! And not even a pretty blond, it was an icky shade of muck! It was horrible and as i looked at myself in the mirror i was freaking out but the hairdresser reassured me that nothing was wrong and that this was just how its supposed to work (I'm paranoid hehe). Anyways after they dyed the shade i had asked for and had washed my hair a few times and conditioned it and everything it felt so smooth and silky and it looked so gorgeous!

To shorten this post I’ll put the pros and cons in bullet points:


  • Dying your hair changes how you look entirely and gives you a fresh appearance
  • The new look will boost up your confidence levels and you will be more outgoing, social and flirty
  • Will make you look younger (if that’s what you’re going for)
  • Your hair color will be a choice in your hands rather than what color you’re born with


  • If you dye it a completely different color it’ll be high maintenance and will require you to do your roots every once in a while
  • Constant dying of roots increases your costs and you will lose money you might want to spend on other things (like shoes or bags )
  • Bleach damages your hair
  • If you don’t do your roots and want to grow it out it’ll take a long time and you will end up chopping off a big chunk of hair eventually to get rid of it
If you do end up bleaching your hair i recommend you take extra care of it and always use plenty of conditioner right after your shampoo and preferably switch to another shampoo that helps your color last longer.

Obviously this choice is completely and entirely up to you and you should not be persuaded otherwise or pushed into it. Its YOUR hair, YOU get to choose!

Thank you for visiting cosmeticcraving and hope this helped you all! If there are any questions or requests, do not hesitate to ask! Hope to see you here again and don’t forget to follow if you haven’t already!

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