Sunday, September 4, 2011


We all love our beloved OPI nail polishes and probably can’t find a better alternative unless you’re willing to spend a lot more to get YSL or Chanel nail polishes.

I started developing a craze for nail polishes in the past few months and wanted to own a enormous nail polish collection (still working on it hehe) so before I started stocking up on OPI like crazy I tried out NYX.

At the beginning I was afraid that I wouldn’t find any in my home town as we do not have everything that is readily available in the US or UK or otherwise and often have to resort to ordering online and impatiently waiting for things to arrive in the mail.

Anyways, NYX have a pretty good nail polish collection and cater to all the colors you would ever want. When I happily found NYX polishes I started buying like crazy. The price threw me off a bit in the beginning because they were more on the cheap end so I thought “oh ok so maybe the quality isn’t that good” but boy was I wrong! Price is never an estimate for quality! Remember that! Well it is sometimes.. but not when it comes to NYX!

My current favorites are:

Jewel, Love Letter and Hot Blue because I’m still in that summery mood.

After dabbling with NYX for a while I started buying OPI like crazy as well and painting my nails a different color every other day for quite some time and doing all kinds of DIY designs and stuff that I’ve seen on Youtube or Tumblr.

OPI’s prices in my country are about double the price of NYX (sometimes even more) but that’s understandable and it doesn’t bother me because I do enjoy spending more on them. They’re so pretty I can’t help myself!

Current OPI favorites are:

Senorita rose-alita and panda-monium pink


  1. Have you tried any of the Inglot nail polishes? They have a fantastic range of colors!

  2. Hello, thanks for the comment! Yes i actually have tried a few and they're pretty good but for some reason they dont attract me as much as the others but i do own a gorgeous red nail polish by Inglot! ♥